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2020 Bad Omens "Never Know" and "Limits" Sumerian P/E/M/W
2020 The Word Alive MONOMANIA Fearless P/E/M/W
2020 Clint Lowery "Allowed to Run" Rise Co-Writer
2019 UVERworld "Oxymoron" off Unser Sony Japan Co-Writer  
2019 The Word Alive "BURNING YOUR WORLD DOWN" Fearless P/E/M/W
2019 Dying in Designer "Wounds" Hopeless P/E/M/W
2019 Fire From the Gods American Sun Eleven Seven P/E/M/W
2019 Too Close To Touch I'm Hard to Love But So Are You (Vol 2) Epitaph P/E/M/W
2019 Jonny Craig "Block Out The Noise" SBG P/E/M/W
2019 Thousand Below "Chemical" Rise P/E/Co-Write
2019 guccihighwaters “Amnesia” N/A P/E/M/W  
2019 Motionless In White "Legacy" Roadrunner Co-Writer
2019 Issues “Tapping Out” Rise Co-Write/Production  
2019 I Prevail Trauma Fearless Co-Writer
2019 Reece "Patience" Warner Co-write/Co-Produce
2019 Tyler Carter "Moonshine" "Focus" and "Glow" Rise Prod/Co-Writer
2019 Set it Off "Go to Bed Angry" off Midnight Fearless Co-Write
2019 Too Close to Touch "The Fear of Letting Go" Epitaph P/E/M/W  
2018 nothing,nowhere. "Ornament" DCD2/Atlantic P/E/M
2108 Hands Like Houses "Tilt" off of Anon. Hopeless P/E/Co-Writer
2018 Sylar Seasons Hopeless P/E/M/W
2018 Godsmack When Legends Rise BMG P/E/M/W
2018 Slaves Beautiful Death SBG/The Orchard P/E/M/W
2018 Dance Gavin Dance Artificial Selection Rise Vocal Producer  
2017 nothing, nowhere. Reaper DCD2/Equal Vision P/E/M/W
2017 Like Moths to Flames Dark Divine Rise P/E/W
2017 Diamante "Sleepwalking" Eleven Seven Co-Writer
2017 nothing, nowhere. "Hopes Up" feat. Dashboard Confessional DCD2 / Equal Vision P/E/M/W
2017 Picturesque Back to Beautiful Equal Vision P/E/M/W
2017 Tilian "Wake Up" Vital P/E/M  
2017 Dance Gavin Dance "That's What I Like" on Punk Goes Pop Vol.7 Fearless P/E/M
2017 New Years Day "Gangsta" on Punk Goes Pop Vol.7 Fearless P/E/M
2017 Capsize "Fake Love" on Punk Goes Pop Vol.7 Fearless P/E/M
2017 Too Close to Touch "In The Name of Love" on Punk Goes Pop Vol.7 Fearless P/E/M
2017 nothing, nowhere. "Clarity in Kerosene" DCD2 / Equal Vision P/E/M/W
2016 BadxChannels WHYDFML EP Sharptone P/E/M/W
2016 Attila Chaos Sharptone P/E/M/W
2016 Too Close to Touch Haven't Been Myself Epitaph P/E/M/W
2016 Dayshell Nexus Spinefarm P/E/M
2016 I Prevail Lifelines Fearless Writer/Production
2016 Set it Off Upside Down Equal Vision P/E/M/W
2016 Issues Headspace Rise Co-Producer/Writer
2016 Young Guns Echoes Wind-Up Writer/Production
2016 The Color Morale Desolate Divine Fearless Writer/Programming
2016 Sylar Help! Hopeless P/E/M/W
2016 I See Stars Treehouse Sumerian P/E/M/W
2016 Hands Like Houses Dissonants Rise P/E/M/W
2016 Set it Off "Uncontainable" Equal Vision P/E/M/W
2015 Tilian Perfect Enemy Vital Vocal Producer/Mixer
2015 Picturesque Monstrous Things EP Equal Vision P/E/M/W
2015 One Ok Rock "Decision" feat. Tyler Carter" on 35xxxv Warner Bros E
2015 Myka Relocate The Young Souls Artery P/E/Writer
2015 Get Scared Demons Fearless P/E/Writer
2015 We Came As Romans We Came As Romans (Target Exclusive) Equal Vision P/E/M  
2015 New Years Day Malevolence Another Century P/E/M/W
2015 blessthefall To Those Left Behind Fearless Vocal Producer/Writer
2015 This Wild Life Clouded (Atmosphere Edition) Epitaph P/E/Writer
2015 Our Last Night "Imaginary Monster" on Younger Dreams N/A Writer
2015 Awaken The Empire Aurora Another Century P/E/M/W
2015 Hands Like Houses "I Am" Single Rise P/E/M/W
2015 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Get Lost, Find Yourself Fearless Writer
2015 Too Close To Touch Nerve Endings Epitaph P/E/M/W
2015 Palisades Mind Games Rise P/E/M/W
2014 Picturesque Picturesque EP Equal Vision P/E/M/W
2014 Crown The Empire "Burn" on Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6 Fearless P/E/M
2014 Palisades "Happy" on Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6 Fearless P/E/M
2014 Too Close To Touch Too Close To Touch EP Epitaph P/E/M/W
2014 Motionless In White Reincarnate Fearless Writer/Production
2014 New Years Day Epidemic Grey Area Records P/E/M/W
2014 Hands Like Houses Reimagine Rise P/E/M/W
2014 Set It Off Duality Equal Vision Writer
2014 I The Mighty "Love Your Sin" Deluxe Single Equal Vision P/E/M/W
2014 Heartist Feeding Fiction Roadrunner Writer/Production
2014 The Word Alive REAL. Fearless Writer
2014 Escape The Fate "Give Me Novacaine" Eleven Seven P/E/M  
2014 The Color Morale "Outer Demons" Fearless Writer
2014 Get Scared "My Own Worst Enemy" Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2 Fearless P/E/M
2013 I The Mighty Satori Equal Vision P/E/M
2013 Motionless In White Infamous (Deluxe) Fearless E
2013 Get Scared Everyone's Out To Get Me Fearless P/E/M/W
2013 New Years Day Victim to Villain Century Media P/E/M/W
2013 Secrets Fragile Figures Rise Vocal Producer/Writer
2013 Hands Like Houses Unimagine Rise Writer
2013 Beta State #Friendship Deluxe N/A P/E/M
2012 Get Scared Built For Blame, Laced With Shame Grey Area Records P/E/M
2012 I The Mighty Karma Never Sleeps Equal Vision P/E/M
2012 Set if Off Cinematics Equal Vision Writer
2012 The Atlantic "Take Care of Me" TBA P/E/M
2012 Heartist Nothing You Didn't Deserve EP Roadrunner E
2011 Panic! at The Disco Vices and Virtues FBR/Atlantic E
2011 After Midnight Project "Let Go" off You Belong N/A P/E/M  
2011 Get Scared Best Kind of Mess Universal/Motown E
2011 Craig Mabbit (Escape The Fate) "Making Christmas" Interscope P/E/M  
2010 Chiodos "Thermacare" Equal Vision E  
2010 K.Flay K.Flay EP RCA M
2010 Foxy Shazam Foxy Shazam Sire/Warner Bros E
2010 VersaEmerge Fixed At Zero FBR/Atlantic E
2010 Get Scared Hot Topic 3 Song EP Universal/Motown E  
2010 Good Charlotte Cardiology - Best Buy Bonus Tracks EMI E  
2010 Panic! at The Disco Jennifers Body Soundtrack Atlantic E
2010 Allstar Weekend Allstar Weekend Hollywood E  
2010 Four Year Strong Enemy of the World Universal MA
2009 Hedley The Show must Go Universal E
2009 Saosin In Search of Solid Ground EMI/Virgin E
2009 After Midnight Project Lets Build Something to Break Universal/Motown E  
2009 Hit The Lights Coast to Coast Triple Crown E  
2009 The Academy Is I'm Yours Tonight FBR/Atlantic E  
2009 The Veronicas Hook Me Up Sire/Warner Bros E  
2007 Shannon Noll Turn it Up RCA E
2006 Sparta Threes Hollywood E

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Godsmack, Issues, Pierce the Veil, Smash Mouth, Wage War, Sick Puppies, Young Guns, Pop Evil, Crown The Empire, Falling In Reverse, I See Stars, We Came As Romans, blessthefall, This Wild Life, Our Last Night, Sylar, I Prevail, Palisades, Too Close to Touch, Picturesque, Myka Relocate, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, Hands Like Houses, Craig Ownes, VersaEmerge, Motionless in White, The Color Morale, Heartist, New Years Day, Awaken The Empire, The Word Alive, Night Riots, Sleep Wave, Set it Off, Get Scared, Eyes Set to Kill, Back Pocket Memory.


Neon Trees, The Maine, Chiodos, Simple Plan, The Downtown Fiction, Brandy, Nate Dogg, Neon Hitch, Slash, Edgar Winter, The Academy Is, It's Alive, Shannon Noll, Megan Joy, The Veronicas.



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